A dedicated hosting server, collocation hosting, or managed hosting server is a kind of Internet hosting wherein the client leases a server not to be shared with anybody else. With this type of hosting server, the client has the ability to install and run his or her own software applications. It also allows the hosting company to provide custom software applications and use their control panel for managing the hardware and software. It is the ideal choice for companies who want to have control over the hardware and the software, as well as the security of the hosting server.

One of the features that come with dedicated server hosting is full root privileges. This gives the user the ability to make changes and modifications to the server such as installing additional programs and applications. Root privileges also give the user the ability to install other programs besides the ones already installed on the server.

In contrast to dedicated hosting server, there are other types of Internet hosting service wherein the client has to share the server hardware and software. This type of Internet hosting server is called collocation hosting. Collocation hosting service provides users with the capability of having the server located in one location and the clients can have the Internet connection from there. This kind of Internet hosting server is ideal for users who want to have the hardware and software located at a remote site.

There are different types of hosting servers that have different features. The hosting servers that offer dedicated IP hosting are the most common types. This kind of hosting server offers different types of services integrated into the server. These include e-mail, FTP access, and SSL certificates. They also come with the different types of operating systems.

Shared hosting server is another type of Internet hosting service provider. When a hosting service provider uses this term, it refers to the users having the same server as other users. It also has the capability to have various types of data applications. However, when these are running on the same server they are not considered as dedicated or managed servers. This type of Internet hosting service provider uses a control data center where all the servers are located and all the processes are controlled through the centralized control data center.

Another type is the so-called reseller hosting. This refers to the fact that some providers use a portion of their customers’ bandwidth and make money out of it. This can be done by controlling the bandwidth usage by clients and can be compared with the dedicated servers. Resellers have the ability to sell bandwidth to other clients at higher rates and then use the rest of the clients’ bandwidth. However, resellers do not have control over the server’s applications and therefore it is important to ask for the details about the bandwidth that will be used before signing up for a hosting plan.

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