Paytm is a digital wallet in which you can keep your money. Just like you keep money in your purse and spend it when needed. Once you use mobile wallet, you will yourself understand that there are many advantages of Paytm. Whether it is mobile recharge or data recharge, electricity bill or DTH recharge as we have told about the services provided by the mobile wallet, use any of these services, you will get a different experience. You will get new recharge 2 Offers, cash back offers will be received separately. Once used

Advantages of Paytm

Have been increasing since the note closure, which is the main reason for it to be accepted everywhere.

Features provided by Paytm

  • shopping online
  • Mobile DTH recharge, data recharge
  • Broadband
  • payment of electricity bill
  • Landline Bill Payment
  • Uber Taxi
  • Money transfer (mobile to mobile, mobile to bank)
  • Insurance payment
  • Metro Service
  • Water bill payment
  • Entertainment Services (BookMyShow)
  • You are the first to save your time and money.

Make payment

You can pay online anywhere through the Paytm app. This app has been accepted by almost every online payment gateway. Therefore, you can use Paytm to make payments on the Internet.

Online shopping

Paytm shop name is – Paytm Mall. You must have heard the name and bought it. Like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, you can also do online shopping from home from Paytm Mall. Here you get a lot of goods from clothes to jewelery, mobiles, smart TVs and other electronic items.

Bank Facility

Paytm is not just a prepaid wallet. Rather, it is a companion to the digital lifestyle. Paytm is paid by the bank. Yes yes There is also a Paytm bank. In which you can get money deposited and withdrawn.

Recharge and Bill Payment

Paytm was started for this work. You can recharge any SIM operator with Paytm Wallet. And you can also check best offers and plans before recharging.

Get money

If you want to get money from somewhere, then there is no need to deposit it in the bank. You can also get money directly in Paytm Wallet. Simply, the sender has to give his Paytm number.


Paytm is mostly associated with government and non-government donors. Therefore, you can also donate through Paytm.

No cash required

If you start using Paytm. Then you do not need to keep money in your pocket. You can pay even the smallest shopkeeper through Paytm app. And you can make your life digital.

Simple and safe

How to run Paytm? Often such questions keep coming. But, the interface of Paytm is very easy. You soon learn how to pay with this.

Only your mobile number is sufficient to create a Paytm ID / account. Your money is also safe.

Other features

Apart from all these features, Paytm also provides a lot of third party service. like; You can order food online from Swiggy, Zomato. Airplane tickets can be booked. Stock markets can invest in mutual funds, which is possible through the Paytm Money app.

Online ticket booking

In this, you are also given the service of Flight ticket booking, Train tickets and movie ticket booking. You will always get some discounts in booking tickets for Flight.

Mobile recharge and bill payment

When this app was launched, it was the first service offered, that is, it was initially launched only for mobile recharge and DTH recharge. Then no one would have thought that not only this service but they will give us more services in the future. By this, we can also pay electricity bill sitting at home as well as recharge any network very easily.

In this way, the advantage of Paytm are attracting everyone.

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