If you are looking for a way to invest and increase the wealth you have, there is no better way than online trading. Of course, it involves risk and isn’t different in that regard from any other way of investment. However, there are certain conveniences that you can enjoy as a trader that you don’t when you invest in a different way. To enjoy those conveniences, you have to pick the right platform for trading and that’s where I think Zulutrade comes in. Read my complete Zulutrade review to know how this company offers online traders great freedom.

Choose Your Favorite Assets

The company does not put any restriction on you in terms of the assets you can trade. I have seen online platforms that specialize only in one type of market. For example, you might find a platform that gives you access to Bitcoin trading, but that’s about it. It will not offer you any other market or asset for trading. On the other hand, you have Zulutrade offering you access to all the markets that interest you. In other words, you can pick the assets of your choice and start trading them whenever you want. You can even open multiple positions and close whichever you want to close.

After you have signed up with this platform, you will have access to 5 different asset classes. You will be able to trade forex currency pairs, major and minor stocks, indices, new and established cryptocurrencies, and commodities that include precious metals, energies and more. So, open multiple positions, close the ones you want to, and trade the assets that appeal to you the most.

No Broker Restrictions

I would like to clarify at this point that Zulutrade serves as your supplementary platform. It is all about copy trading and nothing more. Yes, it teaches you how to trade and provides you with plenty of material on that subject. However, it does not control your trading portfolio or make you quit the broker that you are trading with right now. So, when you join the platform and pay the initial deposit, you are required to connect the platform with your broker account. What it means is that you will still be using the same account as you chose with your broker.

Now, what if you don’t have a broker right now? What if you searched copy trading on the internet and realized this was a great way to begin your investment career? If that’s the case, you still don’t have to worry because Zulutrade has the solution to that problem too. The company lets you pick brokers at the time of signing up with it. What you should really admire here is that the list that it provides you consists of only the most trusted brokers. So, you can sign up with any of them without any second thoughts.

No Trader Restrictions

You are not restricted in choosing the trader either. It is not that you can’t pick a certain trader because you have not reached the required level of trading. Regardless of your experience and level of trading, you can pick a trader that you think will be suitable for your trading needs. The company has given you a system in which you can see what traders are up to, which assets they trade the most, which their favorite markets are, and how successful they have been with their trades.

Based on these metrics, you can pick the trader and start copying them. What makes things even better is that you can interact with them to learn more about trading and their specific trading strategies.

Final Thoughts

You can see why I say that this platform offers traders the freedom they need. It does not restrict them in any way and even allows them to talk to their favorite traders and investors. You can pick the asset of your choice and use features like ZuluGuard that help you avoid copying traders that fit your trading needs.

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