If you have made up your mind about entering online trades, then it is obvious you are ready to make an investment to get started. You may be thinking that if you are spending money, then why not go for a platform that is highly decorated. Such platforms have been made for your convenience offering you all the facilities and services you need to pave your way to a successful trading journey. If you are thinking about it, then I’m sure my Waterman Bates review will help you tremendously.

An Organized Platform

Waterman Bates has earned itself the status of being a very popular and decorated platform because it is strictly adherent. The platform goes by one simple rule, which is to stay as clean and as regulated as possible. By sticking with this rule, the firm automatically creates a very specialized and clean environment for you to trade. However, to achieve this, the firm strictly adheres to the CFT, KYC, and the AML policies. If any platform does not adhere to these policies, then it is not regulated at all.

Security is Utmost Priority

To maintain a high standard, the firm ensures it provides you with the highest security level be it your account logins, personal data transactions, or financial transactions. The firm boasts having the SSL Security Certification, which suggests that it has a very sophisticated security method protecting your personal and monetary data. Every piece of information flowing through the provider’s system is encrypted so it cannot be exploited or ready by unwanted personnel or hackers.

Abundance of Knowledge

Another major attribute of Waterman Bates is that it offers you an entire academy where you learn about trades to your fullest potential. The firm organizes multiple webinars, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and even tries to increase your knowledge through eBooks. The more you spend your time at the firm’s academy, the more you learn about online trades.


You will be surprised to know that the firm lets you trade with the freedom of logging in from anywhere and start trading. The trading platform is web- and app-based so it can be accessed from anywhere.

You can start trading from the platform right after entering your credentials. You have access to trading reports, multiple trading assets, advanced CDCs, trading signals, and so much more to guide you along the way.

Multiple Trading Accounts

Your learning stats at Waterman Bates the moment you set up an account at the firm. You are provided with multiple experience-oriented trading account. You have access to five of them where the micro one is for the least experienced. If you are new, then go for the micro account and then keep upgrading your accounts until you hit the top ‘gold member’ account.

Having the gold member account normally means that you are an expert in the online trading industry and are used to taking the biggest challenges when trading.

Over 200 Trading Instruments

There is a long list of trading instruments that you can trade at the firm. However, it is important you choose one asset at a time so you do not overwhelm yourself with multiple assets. The most prominent assets include cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, stocks, and commodities. Choose the trading instrument you like and feel that you’ll be able to trade easily and then enter the market.

Support Channels

At Waterman Bates, you can get real time assistance from multiple channels. If your query is general, then contact the customer support vial landline or email. If your query needs specialized attention then you can get in touch with your account manager. From time to time, you also get to connect with the expert analysts to discuss your profile and trading experience.

Ending Thoughts

The most important attribute you need when performing trades is patience. At times, your trades may not be as fruitful as you expect them to be or may prove to be more disastrous than you expected. But it does not meant that you end up giving up on trades. Trading is an industry where you keep learning, keep implementing, and keep facing losses or generating profits. However, if you do not have the patience to take it, then it is suggested you do not enter.

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