Starting a trading career isn’t easy if you don’t pick the right partner. By partner I mean the broker whose platform you will use for trading. If you make the wrong choice, you will be putting your money on trading blindly. Why? Because you will not get to learn anything and choose an account that does not even suit your trading needs. To avoid this, you can read my TigersFM review and learn more about this platform.

By learning more about this platform, I am sure you will get a clear idea that this platform cares about you and can get you started on the right foot. There is no need to trade blindly when you are on this platform. So, take some time out to read this TigersFM review and see how you can start with it.

The Varying Features in Trading Accounts

I want you to look at the trading accounts that this broker offers and then notice the diversity in the features. So, what I am trying to say here is that these accounts have not been created only to lure traders. They have been created with something in mind. I think that something is the traders who want to join the platform and begin trading. You have a variety of features offered in different accounts based on the type of trader that account is suited for. With a bonus of 50% on the Classic account, you can access all the assets, competitive spreads, and leverages of 1:200.

However, if you think you need more skin in the game, you can go for a higher account. You have the gold account that you can open with just $25,001 to get 70% welcome bonus and 1:300 leverages. You will even get trading sessions included in this account.

The Convenient Initial Deposit

Are you worried that you will have to break the bank to open your first trading account? That might be the case in the past but not anymore when you choose to sign up with TigersFM. This company is all about the convenience of its traders right from the very beginning. So, you can pick a basic trading account, which is the Classic account on this platform and start trading with only $250. Yes, that small amount will give you access to an advanced and portable trading platform, hundreds of assets, and 5 unique asset classes. You will even get 1:200 leverage on your trades, meaning you can borrow some funds to trade when you don’t have enough in your account.

I think the initial deposits for each account have been well thought out. You can see that they increase but stay well within the budget range of the people who would choose to go with those accounts. The amount can be transferred using bank wire, credit card, or debit card. There is no commission for you to worry about on your deposits and withdrawals.

The Education and Training

It is true that you will get access to some really valuable trading education from TigersFM as soon as you open a paid trading account, but there is a lot more for you to learn even before you sign up. Most brokers don’t offer any trading education to you unless you sign up with them. However, things are completely different on this platform where you can learn a lot of different trading concepts before you sign up. All the amazing trading education, tips, and guides are there on the website for people to read for free. Once you sign up with a paid account, you access even more valuable content.

Final Thoughts

Begin a trading career by making a deposit that you can easily arrange. Moreover, you don’t have to spend an amount that you are not comfortable with. When you sign up with TigersFM, you can begin with an amount as small as $250 for the basic trading account. Get 24/5 customer support and trading signals when you pick select accounts.

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