Across Asia, sports teams are much more than just recreational clubs. They shape culture, influence young trends, and promote national identities. Teams like the Guangzhou Evergrande and Al-Hilal have become a source of pride for their respective nations.

According to a recent report by Deportes & Finanzas, the mercurial MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings are now the most popular Asian team on Twitter. They surpass the Saudi Arabian football club Al-Nassr, who rose to fame outside of the country by signing one of the world’s greatest players, Cristiano Ronaldo.


The popularity of cricket in Asia is undeniable. The sport is nothing short of a religion in many countries on the continent, with fierce rivalries and devoted fans. While football has its own massive global following, it comes second to cricket in Asia. The reason behind this is likely the length of the games, which can sometimes last up to five days and involve multiple breaks for food and tea. Additionally, there is an overwhelming amount of specialised terminology that can make the game difficult to follow for those who are not well-versed in the rules and regulations of cricket.

According to a recent study by Deportes & Finanzas, the Bangalore Indian Premier League franchise Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is Asia’s most popular sports team. The MS Dhoni-led team came ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo’s new team Al-Nassr and other famous European teams like Manchester United.

Understanding the importance of these teams offers a unique prism to explore the structures of Asian cultures, as fans’ fervour for their preferred teams reflects their own aspirations, desires, and family history. Moreover, they shape the national identity, social conventions, and athletic culture of their respective countries. Thus, exploring the popularity of these teams becomes an interesting academic endeavour in its own right. This is especially true for cricket, which has a wide regional appeal in South Asia.


European football (or soccer) has become very popular in Asia, and this popularity is only growing. While cricket, basketball and field hockey are still the most popular team sports in Asia, European football has surpassed them in recent years. This is because of its broader appeal and its ability to bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds. It is also a great way to stay fit and connect with others.

The mercurial MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings have made it to the top spot of the most popular sports teams in Asia, according to a report by Deportes & Finanzas, which examined the social media interaction of teams during April 2021. The Indian Premier League franchise was followed by Al-Nassr, the Saudi Arabian football club that has gained a lot of recognition outside the continent for signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

Across the continent, national football teams are an important part of sporting culture. They promote a sense of community, motivate future generations, and impact the social standards in their nation. The success of these national teams in the global arena is a testament to their passion and dedication. It is also a reflection of the growing influence of the Asian region in the world of sports. From the baseball diamonds of Japan to the cricket grounds of India and the soccer fields of China, these clubs are more than just teams – they are symbols of their nations’ pride and strength.


Throughout Asia, team sports play a crucial role in shaping cultures. From thunderous roars at soccer stadiums in China to the focused gaze of baseball fans in Japan, these teams are making a difference in their communities. Whether they are champions of the CBA or the NPB, these teams have built loyal fanbases and a profound influence on sports culture.

The mercurial MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings are the most popular Asian sports team, according to a recent study by Deportes & Finanzas. The research ranked teams by total interactions on social media platforms for the month of March 2023. The Bangalore-based IPL franchise topped the list, beating Al Nassr FC, which achieved global fame by signing the legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

While the Nippon Professional Baseball league is a distant second to MLB in terms of revenue, it has become a pillar of Japanese society. The Yomiuri Giants, often referred to as “the New York Yankees of Japan,” have won multiple titles and have a massive following. The Samsung Lions in South Korea are also renowned, having won multiple championships in the KBO League. Founded nearly 50 years ago, they are the oldest team in the top 10 most popular Asian sports teams.


As well as football, baseball and cricket, Asian countries also have a strong basketball tradition. These teams have a devoted following that reflects their national character and culture. Whether it’s the thunderous cheers at a Chinese football match, the impassioned applause of a cricket game in India, or the focused gaze of young basketball fans in Japan, these sports teams have shaped Asia’s popular culture and continue to influence future trends.

While soccer, football and cricket have been the most dominant team sports in Asia, other sporting activities are gaining popularity in the continent as well. For example, kabaddi in India and badminton in Indonesia are both very popular, as are baseball and basketball. However, association football is still the most popular sport in Asia.

The most popular basketball club in Asia is the Guangdong Southern Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association. The team has won the championship 11 times and has a cult following in China. The second most popular team in Asia is the Al-Nassr of Saudi Arabia, which has attracted global attention with the signing of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The third and fourth spots are held by the Royal Challengers Bangalore of India and the Mumbai Indians, respectively. The survey, conducted by Deportes and Finanzas, looked at social media interactions to determine the most popular teams.

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