There is a new tool that is being used by many blog owners, and it is called “Scopes in Blogger.” Scope is a feature of a blog that allows the blogger to search for keywords related to the content of the blog. This means that instead of writing a post based on what the blog visitor wants to know, the owner can simply search for a keyword based on what he or she is looking for. This is a fantastic idea but does not really solve the problem of content vs. marketing. So, let’s talk about this for a bit and see what other options might be available for those of us out there.

The main problem with most of these Best free blogging platform features is that they only target a narrow range of keywords. They try to find keywords that are relevant to the subject matter of the blog, but the result is usually a list of keywords that does not have much meaning to the average person. This does not do much to promote the blog as it does not provide much insight into what a blogger might write about. Even if the reader finds the blog interesting, it is not as if the reader will know enough about the niche to make a purchase based on that one post.

The other option that is available is to allow the reader to search for a keyword as part of the blog scope. “Scopes in Blogger” is a feature that allows the reader to search within the scope of the post. The problem with this is that the search results are not always related to the topic of the post. For example, the search might return “how to get rid of belly flab” while the topic of the post may be how to get rid of belly fat. So, the scope is important, but often times it is just not an appropriate tool for promoting the blog.

Another option is to include an “additionally found” icon right next to a keyword in the post. This is a great feature if the blogger understands how SEO works and has incorporated keywords into their content already. But, the blogger must realize that it is just that – an icon, which does nothing for SEO or marketing. Using this tactic does little more than attract the eye of those who might have searched for the blog in the past but will not be interested in reading it today.

Fortunately, there is a better way to get around the lack of scope in blogger. One solution is to give the blogger control over the scope of the blog. Allow the blog writer to determine whether they want to include a topic label or two. If a blog writer does not want to label a post as relevant, they should not do so. This gives the blogger more control and allows them to decide what is important to their audience. It also makes the post easy to read, while still providing useful information to the readers.

Blogging is a wonderful experience. It allows the writer to express themselves and connect with others on an intimate level. But, without proper SEO practices and management, it can fail. Search engines love to see fresh content so new bloggers would do well to take the time to think about what will help their posts get indexed. With proper planning and management, blogging can be an addictive experience and a lucrative source of income for those prepared to learn.

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