The entertainment industry in India is flourishing day by day. Indian film and TV industries are growing very fast. The government has taken certain steps to improve the quality of working environment, legal protection and worker safety. According to the ILO (International Labor Organization), Indian law does not protect the interests of the workers in the entertainment industry. But the government has taken certain positive initiatives to improve the working conditions and living standards of people engaged in the entertainment industry.

In entertainment and events sector, India is progressing rapidly as one of the leading entertainment destinations. India is a major tourist destination for the global film and TV industry and provides work to millions of people from all over the world. Due to this reason, the Indian film industry has the highest employment rate in the entertainment industry in India.

Development of digital platforms like Internet, mobile etc has also helped the growth of the entertainment industry in India. This technological advancement has increased the speed of content distribution. In this respect, India is becoming a strong competitor in the global entertainment consumption market. It has emerged as a strong player in the field of digital platform entertainment. The Internet TV service provider in India offers many channels of digital entertainment. Most of the Internet TV services providers offer both free-to-air (FTA) and pay-to-air (PTV) television programs.

The Indian film industry has established itself as a leader in the global industry of motion pictures. The demand for Indian films has grown tremendously due to the rising popularity of Bollywood. The success of Bollywood film industry can be attributed to its huge investments in the development of digital platforms and quality entertainment products. According to estimates, more than Rs 28000 crores has been invested in the development of motion pictures and digital entertainment. The main contributor to this figure is the government of India. Many large-scale investments have also been made by private sector in the entertainment industry in India.

Growth of the social media has also played a vital role in Indian film industry. Earlier, people used to remain away from the television when there was no direct broadcast from any part of the country. But now with the expansion of the social media in the country, people have become regular on these sites to keep up-to-date with recent developments in the entertainment industry in India.

Another major contributing factor to the growth of the entertainment industry in India is freedom of speech act. The passionate citizens of the country are using this freedom of speech to criticize the corrupt practices in theollywood industry. According to these citizens, the entertainment industry in India is directly linked to the corrupt practices prevalent in theollywood. With this intention, they have started to demand for change in the system of the country. The government is also taking serious notice of such complaints coming from the grassroots.

With the expansion in digital platforms like internet and digital signage, it has become easier for people to access television stations and channels from anywhere in the world. Moreover, with the help of digital platforms, it has become cheaper and more convenient to broadcast or produce content for entertainment purposes. Many television channels have already launched their online videos in different formats like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter among others. This has also broadened the base of the entertainment industry in India.

The other factors that are contributing towards the growth of the entertainment industry in India are rapid urbanization of the country, increased tourism, introduction of the digital platforms and sky rocketing tourism rates. In the next two decades, it is expected to grow at a cagr of 30%. This is much higher than the actual growth in the tourism industry over the last few years. This rapid urbanization is a result of an increase in population, urbanization of the cities within the developed countries. These factors are also helping the Indian industry to tap into new markets that were untouched till now. The emergence of digital platforms has made it easier to create and deliver content through internet and digital signage.

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