STR Capital Review

Trading is one of the most profitable businesses once you learn how to do it even though it requires a lot of time, effort and skills.

The right trading broker can help you earn money by making use of different methods in different trading platforms.

STR Capital website runs trading services for clients from all over the world. STR Capital is a CFD brokerage brand, offering access to various trading platforms and markets such as commodities, cryptocurrencies, FX, stocks, bonds, indices and ETFs.

The top priorities of STR capital include trader satisfaction and trader’s profit. It delivers an amazing CFD trading experience. Not only this, but it also has an education section in order to teach the trading beginners about the dos as well as donts along with the basics of trading.

If you want to work with str capital and are keen to open an account with them, the process is straightforward and user-friendly.

  1. The first step is that you need to register yourself on their website. You need to fill the form with your correct personal information and enter the name of the broker. After a while, you will be directed to the next step of opening an account with str capital.
  2. Str capital provides six different account opening options like basic, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and millioner account that you need to select based on your investment amount. You should take this decision after thinking wisely only! You can make the payments via credit card, transfer or other ways too.
  3. After this, you need to deposit the amount according to the lower and upper limit amount of that account type. You will not be able to start trading without depositing the appropriate funds.
  4. You are now good to go and can trade your assets under the guidance of account managers and analysts.

Now lets look at the different account types provided by str capital and what all things re-included in them.

  1. Basic account is the one which consists of mostly the basic features needed in CFD trading including loyalty bonus, insurance levels up to 10% of claiming, access to daily review of market, trading alerts and many more.
  2. Silver account is an upgraded version with the insurance level that can be claimed up to 20%. It also includes a saving account along with the guidance of the account manager.
  3. Gold account gives you the opportunity to get access to unlimited trading advantages, one being, the access to the guidance of group analysts, that too free of costs!
  4. In the platinum account, insurance levels up to 60%. The additional features include unlimited trading signals, market review, alerts as well as exclusive updates.
  5. Diamond account is for people ready to take up big risks. Only professionals should opt for this account. All the trading features are open for people with diamond account.
  6. Millioner club, is to say for millioners only! Offering a list of all the premium features including insurance level of up to 100%. This is the most premium and upgraded level of str capital account.

As mentioned above, that str capital also provides education facility to beginners since one must have accurate knowledge about the trading techniques, types of commodities, as well as different trading assests.

Here we have provided you with a brief account of the concepts covered by str capital in the education centre.

  1. The first section consists of all the history of finance, that is, the establishment of paper and now crypto curreny. Although crypto currency has not been accepted as a digital money till now.
  2. The next section is about the basic terms or terminologies that beginners are not aware of related to trading due to the fact that having proper knowledge about trading is very essential to avoid any losses.
  3. Trends, which means the attitude of the majority of investors, traders should be well known before investing your money into it.
  4. Beginners should have knowledge about the asset class, or the items included in assets.

STR Capital is a platform which is unique as well as easy to work with. It is different from others in many ways:

  1. All the members of str capital follow the AML as well as KYC policies in order to avoid the illegal flow of money. This also ensures the privacy of people as well as avoiding scams.

AML means Anti-Money Laundering policy whereas KYC refers to Know Your Customer policy.

  1. One of the main priority of str capital is to maintain the privacy of its clients ranging from their personal information to their investments at various trading platforms.
  2. Str capital has provided its cstomers with the top trading platform in order to keep up with the satisfaction of its clients in the context of the profits earned by them.
  3. Str capital provides a huge list of almost all the trading platforms at one place making it both easy as well as efficient for the traders to decide and go ahead with their investments.
  4. Str capital has a well trained and experienced team at your service to serve you with their knowledge about any aspect of trading and solve the queries of its customers.
  5. Str capital is a platform that charges the lowest fees among the others. It does that along with providing the best services and facilities to its custimers.
  6. The process of trading is totally transparent between the customer and traders with not a single hidden commission or even charges.

Str capital is an emerging trading platform that provides its customers with 24 hours customer care support in order to ensure smooth trading by the traders. You can also contact them via mail or website or phone number.

Since, today internet is full of scams, fake websites making people loose their money, this facility provided by str capital makes it a very reliable and safe option for traders specially beginners who have zero experience in this field.


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