Have you seen online brokers calling themselves different and the best? Well, if you start counting, you will spend your entire life counting because they all like to claim to be the best and different. However, in my research of many months and years, I have found out that only a handful pass the test of being different from others and you will know about one of them through this Prestige-Coins review.

While the main trading features are the same as you get on other platforms, I have noticed that Prestige-Coins has a way of doing even those things differently. It adds something to those features to make them very attractive for traders. Let me tell you how.

The Stocks from Many Countries

So, when you sign up with other companies, I am sure you see them offering you hundreds of stocks. While it’s an amazing thing for a trader to have access to so many different types of stocks. However, seeing them all in one place can be a bit distracting. At the same time, you never get to see a clear picture of the market that you specifically want to trade in. Now, Prestige-Coins makes this different by introducing its stocks in different categories based on the countries they are from. In other words, those stocks belong to the companies from those countries.

It’s amazing how the company has come up with such a simple way to give you a picture of the market that makes things easy and understandable. So, if you are interested in investing in German companies, you can do so by opting for German stocks. You also have Spanish, British, and American stocks that you can trade when you are on this platform.

Unique Account Features

The thing that disappoints me a lot about online brokers is that they don’t even try. When you look at the account types they offer and match their features with other brokers on the market, you don’t see a difference. It’s like a copy paste job when you look at the features they offer you. You see the same leverages, spreads, and commissions in them. However, yet again, Prestige-Coins proves that things can be done differently. It offers you this amazing feature of negative balance protection in all the accounts. This feature protects your online trading account from going below zero, which means you will never lose more than what you have in the account already.

You might not have been in this situation but once you are, you might never feel like trading again. You lose the money you have and then you owe some more to the broker. In other words, when you deposit some money in the account, it gets deducted and you are left with very little money to invest. When you sign up with this broker, you will never see your balance in negative because of the negative balance protection feature.

Commissions and Spreads

This is yet another area where Prestige-Coins proves that it is completely different from most other brokers out there. So, when you look at the commissions, you see them becoming smaller with each account type as you go from basic to professional. On the other hand, the spreads you pay on your trades get bigger with each subsequent account. It makes sense because spreads might seem like a lot of expense but when you look at the fixed commission, it takes a bigger bite out of your trades. So, it makes sense that it gets smaller with each bigger account.

Final Thoughts

You can see how this company has made sure to make everything different. If offers you the same trading services as other brokers but in a different way. In a way, I would say that it knows how to make a feature friendly for traders. As a result, you get a platform that is equally attractive for new traders as well as experienced traders.

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