The NFT artwork sector has been constantly evolving for the past couple of years and it has a promising future ahead of it. This is because it has provided artwork designers the opportunity to show off their skills in the digital world.

Therefore, many artwork designs have been digitalized and are being sold with really high price tags. As per Ido Fishman, an NFT expert, if you have the skill and desire to be recognized all over the world while making money, you can join the niche.

The digital artwork space is proving to be a really profitable sector for the entire cryptocurrency industry. Anyone can benefit from it in their own way. If you cannot design a digital artwork, you can simply buy them and sell them at a higher price. You can do it by proceeding with a direct sale or a bidding process.

Currently, there are several high priced NFT artworks being sold in the NFT world. You can refer to the collections with the highest average selling prices and if you can afford them, you can buy and sell them to make more money.

Almost every day in the NFT news, these artworks are being mentioned for achieving high sales and all. You can go through them and pick the one you’d like to invest.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

BAYC has the largest valued collection comprising of 1,040,239.77 ETH. The average daily sales BAYC has been recording are worth 106.18 ETH. It currently offers 9,999 assets and out of the total, 6,260 assets have already been purchased.

The average 24-hour trading volume for BAYC is 1,592.7 ETH. At present, the highest value BAYC you would find on sale is worth 18,880 ETH and can be identified as BAYC #648. So far, the largest valued asset sold by the BAYC is the BAYC #8817 that sold for $3,408,000.


The second-largest valued collection are CryptoPunks. The total value of the CryptoPunks artworks is worth 363,738.62 ETH. The total number of assets CryptoPunks currently has are 9,999. Out of the total number, only 3,465 assets have been purchased by NFT artwork enthusiasts.

The average 24-hour price of CryptoPunks is 37.87 ETH and the 24-hour volume of on the platform is 719.48 ETH. The highest valued Punk is Punk #9998 250,000 ETH, which currently translates to $434.73 million. So far, the highest valued Punk is worth $23.7 million, which is Punk #5822.


The third-largest valued collection is Moonbirds. The total number of Moonbirds has offered so far are 10,000. Out of the total 10,000 Moonbirds, 6,502 assets have already been sold and 3,498 assets still remain to be claimed.

The total estimated valuation of the Moonbirds’ assets is 256,761.78 ETH. The average 24h selling price recorded for Moonbirds’ collection are 21.98 ETH. The 24h volume recorded on Moonbirds’ platform at present is 439.62 ETH.

Currently, the highest valued asset on sale for Moonbirds is 499 ETH, which can be translated to $883,659.14. The name of the asset that is currently up for sale is Moonbirds #6496.

Return of Legends S1

Return of Legends S1 is the fourth-largest collection that currently values at 213,102,651.51 BUSD. The average 24h volume of the Return of Legends S1 is 1,501,301.29 BUSD. The average selling price for the Return of Legends S1 assets is 37,532.53 BUSD. The total number of assets offered by Return of Legends S1 are 12,000.

Out of the total number assets, only 1,868 assets have been owned by the users. The average sales recorded for Return of Legends S1 are 40, which have grown by 66.67% in a 24h period. Currently, the highest value item for sale on Return of Legends S1 is Guti – 07/03/11. The particular NFT artwork has been put up for a selling price of 110 BNB, which translates to $32,791.00.

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