It has been almost two decades since the online trading industry has been around. Over time, the industry has introduced several trading products but there is hardly any exchange that provides services for all major assets. On top of that, majority of the online trading exchanges only want experienced traders/investors to join their platform. They do this so they do not have to spend much time to help new investors and help from all the way from scratch. In my MarketSpots review, I will show you how the particular does not go with this tradition and treats old/new investors alike.

Trading Exchange for Many Assets

Most of the online trading exchanges focus on some of the easiest and most prominent online trading assets. They do it because most of the people know about them and would grab onto them the moment offers them that service. In the online trading industry, the most prominent online trading asset is forex and that is exactly what the online trading exchanges provide users. Unfortunately, such exchanges cannot even provide proper and reliable support for the particular trading asset.

On the other hand, MarkertSpots provides much more services than that. At present, MarketSpots provides its support and assistance in the trading assets such as cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks. Each trading assert at MarkertSpots is covered by a team of experts that are always there to assist the investors gain more knowledge and information about the assets. The investors also get to know the insights, tips, and tricks to manage such trades in the most effective and profitable manner.

Trading Platform Exclusive for MarketSpots’ Users

The trading platform offered by MarketSpots is only available to users trading through the exchanges. It is on the same level as other third party platforms in terms of services, usability, security and benefits. It offers a secure platform for the investors to perform trades and keep their funds/profits intact. It is one of the most user-friendly trading platforms and offers customizable trading interface.

At present, some of the most prominent services offered by the trading platform include trading charts/graphs, historical reports, reporting system, leverage trading, and prices alerts. The trading platform also provides daily markets reviews, daily trading signals, and so much more.

Trading Accounts and Services for Users

At present, MarketSpots provides users with different trading options so they can choose the one they think would be beneficial and most feasible for them. At present, they have access to five different trading accounts and each accounts represents a high trading/investment level.

Each account either adds new features or upgrades the benefits already being received by the investors. However, some general services are always there for the investors and they are also many in number. Some of the major services include margin trading, leverage trading, daily market signals, daily market review, customized education, live trading webinars, and trading academy. Furthermore, the investors have the real time support of personal portfolio manager, account manager, account analysts, and wealth manager.

Their Deposits and Withdrawals are Simple

MarketSpots’ deposit/withdrawal options are very simple and easy to trust, as they are the most common and recognized methods. At present, the investors have the option of making deposits via bank wire, visa card, mastercard, USDT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum wallets. The minimum deposit requirement at MarketSpots is €10,000 and the users can make deposits in two other fiat currencies that are GBP and EUR.

As for withdrawals the investors have access to same methods but the withdrawal limits are much less than the deposit limits. If an investor chooses a withdrawal method other than bank wire, then the minimum limit is $100, otherwise, it is $50. It takes around 3-4 business days for the money to be released.

They are Fully Regulated

MarketSpots is an exchange that is dedicated to offering investors the peace of mind and risk-free environment when performing trades. It aims to keep things ethical and regulated, which is why it adheres to the KYC and AML policies that are highly stressed upon by the regulators. The exchange demonstrates full adherence to the Know-Your-Customer policy by acquire and keeping their personal information from time-to-time. As for Anti-Money Laundering policy, MarketSpots monitors investors’ activity for any illegal/illicit transaction activity, reporting to regulators if any transaction is of high-risk.

They Provide 24/6 Customer Support

The customer support team at MarketSpots is dedicated to providing investors with prompt support and solution to their problems. This is achievable only when the relevant teams are trained, educated, experienced, and well versed in online trading space. Therefore, whenever the investors have any queries related to trades or have any issues to discuss, they can contact MarketSpots’ 24/6 support team. At present, the customer support provided by MarketSpots is via email.

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