gain weight quickly for women

Slender girls have to be ridiculed every day in front of someone. If the body is fat then it is difficult and if the body is thin then it is more difficult than that. Neither the clothes fit nor does the figure look attractive on lean girls.

People who have low body weight often believe in market drugs and powder. But it also does not show any effect on them. If you are a woman who needs to gain weight, it is possible that you will often hear some such jealous things from people’s mouths that I wish they had this problem too. How to gain weight quickly for women is as difficult as losing weight quickly. If you want to gain weight fast, how can you do it in a healthy way? How to gain weight quickly for women, you can try the prescription given below.

1. Eat an extra 500 calories a day

By adding 500 calories to your diet, you gain 0.5 kg every week. It may not seem like much but consuming too many extra calories will be harmful to your body.

Stay connected with nutritious foods. Even if you need to consume more calories, you should consume these extra calories from foods that are high in calories and rich in nutrition. If you consume too much junk food, you are increasing your weight in an unhealthy way, as a result of which additional diseases may occur.

2. Eat and drink often

If you want to gain weight very quickly, then you should eat six times a day. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and slavana in between. As you don’t reduce the amount you eat during your main meal, a snack in between meals would be a good way to save your day’s calories.

3. Eat fast

When you eat slowly, you are giving your body a chance to digest food; as a result you will soon find the stomach full. If you eat fast, then you must have eaten more before your body feels full, this is an easy way to consume more.

4. Also have 5 midnight snacks

If you are losing weight, you are advised not to eat anything after 7 pm. When you are trying to gain weight, the opposite will be true for you. Eating late at night or immediately before bedtime is the best way to increase calories,

5. Increase your appetite

Take a walk before dinner. Exercise can also make you feel hungry. Increase the taste of food. Many people prefer to eat sweet food instead of soft foods, but you can add spices and herbs to make food fun. But stay away from herbs that are traditionally considered to suppress hunger, such as mint.

6. Choose the right foods and drinks

Protein diet increases weight and muscle mass increases. You should consume milk, cheese, peanuts, butter, dates, almonds and beans etc. You can also drink banana milk shake if you want. Drink one glass of banana shake in the morning and one glass of mango shake in the evening to increase the weight. Barley / Barley Soak a handful of barley grains at night. In the morning, remove the peel and boil it in milk and prepare the kheer. Then mix sugar and honey in it and eat. Two dates can also be put in it. Almonds If you want to look self-centered and beautiful, then you must eat almonds. This will give you strength, increase weight and also get vitamins, iron, phosphorus and calcium. Soak 12 almonds overnight and peel them in the morning. Add 1 spoon butter and sugar and eat it with hot milk. Honey improves digestion and also increases weight. Thin girls should mix 1 spoon honey in a glass of hot milk. Potatoes with roots like potatoes have a significant amount of carbohydrates and sugar, which makes them healthy. Weight gain can be increased within a few days by eating a certain amount of cooked or grilled potato salad daily, in sandwiches or in other types of food.

7. Daily exercise

By exercising daily, the fat of your body will be converted into muscles. Do some yoga exercises and breathable x-rasis, which will release specific substances from the body and increase the body’s stamina. If you want, you can do Sarvangasan, Bridge pose, Cat pose, and Shavasana daily.

8. Rest well

Sleep every night for at least 8 hours, when you sleep, your body builds muscles and lean tissue. A good night’s sleep along with rest helps your body build muscle.

That is to say, you will take care of your food habits properly and stop eating junk food outside, then your body metabolism will increase and you will stay healthy.

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