Every year, as soon as March comes closer, most taxpayers get tensed by thinking of the tax filing process. The main importance of tax preparers for every taxpayer is that they help them by completing all their tax accounting and filing and save a lot of time for every taxpayer. And in this generation, time is the most critical asset in which every person wants to invest.

What are a CPA (certified public accountant) and tax preparer?

The person who wants to become a tax CPA must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Though most CPAs have to work in accounting, they can also work in forensic accounting, managerial accounting, and IT.

A tax preparer is a person whose job is to prepare tax accounting for companies or even for a particular individual. They mainly help their clients to file their income tax returns at the proper time. The tax preparer also has to give certain advice to help their client understand the process. The tax preparer can also work for different tax preparation services.

Steps to build a perfect CPA or tax preparer portfolio:

The portfolio is the best way for every CPA and tax preparer to show their work to others who want to hire someone to file their income tax returns and prepare their financial records. Down below are the steps to build an attractive portfolio for CPAs and tax preparers.

  • Make it attractive: The only way to get noticed is by doing something different or showing it differently. Make your portfolio attractive by using some skills using CSS. Show something in your portfolio that must have the ability to attract clients. Instead of copying, try to think about how you can make a different portfolio from others.
  • List down your skills: The first thing that one can do to make their portfolio attractive is by listening down the skills you can provide to the clients once they hire you for their work. Show them you can help them easily without doing complicated tasks during tax filing. One should use the tax planner technique while working for clients.
  • Show your previous working experience: Make sure your past working experience should be good because most clients rely only on past working experience rather than seeing what skills you have. And if you are a new one, then that is all fine. They can even get work if they have a good chunk of skills. For example, being a new CPA or a tax preparer can get work easily if they have good skills.
  • Portfolio should be decent and straightforward: Every CPA and tax preparer should make their portfolio simple so that every client can access it easily. Making a complicated portfolio will never help to get more work. Having a simple one can be beneficial for both sides. It makes an easy scenario for the clients to understand the work of a CPA and tax preparer.

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