One of the busiest business destinations of the world is the United States of America. The country has some of the most important and leading multinational companies headquartered across cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco to name a few. Several thousands of shipments and deliveries are sent through courier to USA from across the world on a daily basis.

How to Send Important Parcels from Mumbai to USA

Mumbai is the financial capital of India besides being one of the leading centres of business and commercial ventures in the country. National and multinational corporations are mostly based out of this beautiful city along the coast of the Arabian Sea. The presence of important offices and head offices of large corporations also brings forth the need to send goods and documents to important countries of the world like the USA.

There are several international courier companies in Mumbai that provides a complete range of services that makes deliveries and shipments easier for client companies.

Services Provided By Courier Companies in Mumbai

Let’s take a look at the range of services provided by courier companies

  • Free pickup service of delivery goods
  • Ensure damage proof packaging
  • Same day delivery
  • Express delivery for international locations
  • Technologically sound and advanced tracking system
  • Professional customer service support team
  • Insurance and safety coverage for expensive items
  • Regular updates starting from pick up till delivery
  • Affordable pricing

Additional Services Provided By Courier Companies

Some courier companies have taken a step further in the level of professional services by providing additional services as follows:

  • Companies will receive a full or partial refund of a pre-disclosed amount if any parcel or shipment is misplaced or lost
  • Provide free insurance cover for expensive items
  • Provide damage proof packaging assistance to client companies

Are Courier Companies Productive For Mumbai Business Circle

In recent years there has been a steady increase in the numbers of courier to USA from India. This has resulted from the increase in number of companies doing business with USA and even partnering with them on various projects. As part of these ventures there is very often an exchange of parcels, packages and confidential documents that need to be delivered to various locations in the USA offices.

Among many other Indian cities that witnessed a growth in business with the USA, the city of Mumbai has always been in the forefront; the presence of important companies in this city calls for a regular exchange of documents and packages to the offices in USA.

What Makes Mumbai Courier Services Excellent

There are several companies that offer a high standard of professional services for courier to USA from Mumbai. These companies pay special attention to the requirements of their clients and understand the need for a safe and secure delivery as well.

Courier service companies in Mumbai provide a huge support for companies by taking the responsibility of safe passage of their goods packages or documents to specific destinations across the USA; all these services are provided with a time saving schedule in mind and a constant update being available for clients as well. Live tracking services to a cordial and supportive customer care department makes it easier for companies to coordinate with their USA branch offices effectually.

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