Global CTB is a great choice of a brokerage firm as it facilitates new traders as well as experienced traders. This brokerage firm provides features that allow new traders to safely explore the online financial markets while also providing opportunities for specialized traders. Today, I will be talking about all the features of Global CTB Trading that you should know about.

Reviewing Some Features Of Global CTB

·         Impressive List of Assets

One of the main reasons why Global CTB is such a good choice for traders is that it supports a wide range of tradeable assets. This feature allows new traders to explore the different markets and experience what it is like to trade with them. Furthermore, it accommodates novice traders with this same list of assets as they can trade with different assets at the same time. The assets that this broker supports include cryptocurrencies, forex, bonds, shares, oils, and metals.

·         CFD Trading

What is great about this trading firm is that it allows you to trade using CFDs with all assets. CFD trading is among the best things that a broker can offer you. A Contract for Difference allows you to invest in assets outside your financial range. You do not use your money for investments when using CFDs instead you sign a contract for the asset with the firm for a limited time. Your earnings depend on the difference in the market value of the assets in the time period of the contract.

·         Fully Regulated

You will find several articles titled Global CTB Scam questioning whether this broker is legit or not. The truth is that Global CTB is a fully regulated broker. Regulations mean that all activities of the firm are being monitored by a third-party. So, if the broker does anything suspicious, it is immediately reported to the authorities. The regulations require the trading firm to be compliant with various policies that help keep the broker secure. These include the Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies. You can trade with a peaceful mind with this brokerage firm and ignore any articles titled Global CTB Scam.

·         Educational Support

It is important to have a solid educational background before you venture into online trading. However, it can be misleading to rely on internet resources for basic knowledge. Global CTB provides its own learning resources for its customers. As a visitor, you can access some of them such as videos and books. When you open your account, access to the educational materials increases.

·         Client Support

This brokerage firm provides a dependable customer support service to traders. This means that you can contact them whenever you have any questions or problems and receive timely replies. The broker has provided various means of communication including emails, phone calls, direct message, as well as their address. The working hours of this department are 24/5. Furthermore, the broker provides multilingual support in five different languages.


Global CTB Trading is beneficial for traders of all kinds as it offers accommodating features for them. Taking into account the discussed features, you will find that this broker is a great choice for you. You can visit the broker’s website for more information regarding its features and services.

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