Without reviewing anything else before, principally a broker must be judged by first having a look into the trading accounts. This has to be the criteria while ascertaining different aspects about a broker but unfortunately most of the traders focus on other aspects. They want to in particular know about how huge profits can the broker offer or how long it would take for them to become millionaires. Unfortunately, there are some brokers who actually make such promises which of course is misleading and misguiding. But not every is the same and hence this Fivoro Review.

Broker’s Overview

Brokers and traders are like minded and they need each other for achieving each other’s objectives. On this basis, the broker commenced its services in the online trading industry and became service provider in the trading of commodities, forex, indices, stocks etc. Like others, the broker took some time for earning its place in the financial markets and thereby earned wide-scale popularity globally. It is a dedicated platform which focuses on working with any kind of trader irrespective of the trader’s skills, mindset, experience etc.

The things which are lacking in the trader, are thereby injected by the platform through its several capacity building tools and resources.

Charges & Fee Criteria

Nothing in the world comes for free nor are the services of a broker can be obtained for free. Traders have to pay for the services so as to keep them doing the trading and using the features and tools of the broker. However, as compared to others, the broker is entirely different as it charges nominal fee which is by far the lowest in the trading sector. While others demand huge funds as commission from their traders, the broker charges zero commission. Similarly, withdrawals and deposits are entirely free from any type of deductions from the broker’s side.

Transaction fees are highly competitive and the traders never develop a feeling that they have been charged a lot. On the other hand, against the use of broker’s provided trade resources, they all come free of cost. They are in fact transferred to the trader when somebody undergoes the registration process successfully.

Trade Purpose Accounts

The real deal of the broker is its provision for multiple accounts. As explained earlier, accounts give entitlements and access to certain services, tools, features and resources belonged to and owned by the broker. As long as the account is held by a trader, he continues to use the same. Most importantly, accounts have been designed in the manner that they can fulfill the demands of professional as well as beginner traders.

There are specific accounts as well which have been primarily developed for the purposes of serving professional and average traders only. Although, the beginner is not stopped from these accounts, but since the trader lacks the experience, trader could not be able to use it appropriately.

Another great purpose of these accounts is to educate the traders specifically with regard to developing of decision making power and trading skills. For instance, the broker has developed an online education academy in which it has kept training sessions, e-books, technical and fundamental analysis, webinars etc.

The accounts also allow traders to access unique services of the broker relating to account maintenance and trade advisory. For that expert advisors and account managers have been deputed to provide assistance whenever needed.

Broker’s Customer Assistance

It goes without saying that apart from account managers and trade advisors, the broker has also incorporated within itself a perfect customer assistance department. The staff in this department makes itself available 24/5 except for the weekend. Otherwise, they can be reached via live chat, email or phone call in case there exists a problem which requires solution.

End Remarks

This technical and fundamental analysis of Fivoro does not justify what the broker is capable of. If you wish to find more about the platform then join it or perhaps use the demo account feature for arriving at a fair judgement.

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