For the financial landscape, the CFP exam exactly holds the same importance as the bar in the legal industry. If you’re looking to make a career in financial planning, being a certified financial planner will surely be a golden standard for you.

Moreover, it’s also likely to be one of the hardest exams you’ve ever attempted in the educational phase of your life. The successful candidates who have passed this test admitted they used to study before months and years of the assessment.

In this article, you’ll know everything about the CFP certification, including the required skills and educational perquisites to become a successful certified financial planner and make a fledging future in the finance industry:

CFP Exam – Course of Study 

It takes candidates eight months to two years to gain a certification in certified financial planning. The candidates who successfully pass the exam are awarded by the Board of Standards for Certified Financial Planning in India.

To make sure you successfully achieve this certification, you need to meet their eligibility criteria that involve the candidate being well-versed in four E’s namely education, ethics, experience, and examination.

Once a candidate becomes a certified financial planner, they need to assist their customers in a wide range of financial activities. That’s why the course of study for this certification includes every major aspect of financial planning.

Educational Requirements of the Exam 

The first thing that you need to determine whether you’re eligible for the certification or not is by knowing about the existing educational qualifications required for this exam. It requires you to have a master’s or bachelor’s degree in your desired discipline from a reputed university.

Moreover, according to the curriculum stated by the certification program, you also need to complete six different modules from your institute to be eligible for attempting the exam. Here’s a list of modules required for CFP certification:

  • Introduction to financial planning
  • Retirement planning an employee benefit
  • Tax planning and estate planning
  • Advanced financial planning
  • Risk analysis and insurance planning
  • Investment planning

Along with the six modules stated above, the candidate also needs to pass some relevant exams by the national stock exchange. Once the candidate passes all these exams, they can be eligible to attempt the certified financial planning exam.

CFP Study Material and Exam Details 

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance has published several books and study materials that can be referred by students to do an excellent preparation for the certification. Talking about the examination details, it consists of 170 multiple choice questions with a time duration of 40 minutes.

The Takeaway 

The CFP examination requires you to practice hard with dedication, and the result will be certainly worth every moment of your preparation. To make your learning schedule and process even more convenient and effective, you can join a CFP course in Mumbai. This will help you gain access to proper and well-formatted study material, along with guidance from experts.


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