Vermicomposting is the process of creating compost with worms. The prepared compost is nutritious enough, and the worms take care of most of the things. Vermicompost is quite suitable for plants. Vermicompost manufacturers usually refer to the compost as worm castings since the material is what the worms excrete when they feed on scraps. So basically, its worm poop but filled with a lot of nutrients.

There is also worm casting tea which is prepared by steeping the casting in water. It is similar to steeping tea leaves. The resulting liquid turns out to be a useful liquid fertilizer that is organic from all angles. It can be further diluted for watering plants.

Get Vermicompost Online

You can easily order for vermicompost online. Once you have received the stuff, all you got to do is scoop out some of the worm castings and put it in water. It’s better if you let it soak overnight. In the morning, the liquid will have a soft brown colour. After that, prepare a solution in the ratio of 1:3 (One part tea and Three parts Water) and water the plants. Use it immediately since the solution will deteriorate within 48 hours. For neat steeping, you may arrange for a tea bag or a used tea shirt or stocking. While using the solution, check if there is any foul smell. In case there is any bad smell, it may be due to anaerobic microbes that may have accidentally entered the solution.

Vermicompost Worm Tubes

Another way of using vermicompost is through worm tubes. These are ordinary tubes or pipes that are inserted into the ground and are also called worm towers. These are good alternatives to traditional piles or compost bins. It is an effective solution for a small garden or if you don’t want to have compost bins around.

Once the tubes are placed on the ground, all you got yo do is drop the vegetable and fruit scraps inside the tube. The worms present in the soil will start eating the goodies and leave behind poop rich in soil nutrients. Thus, the food scraps are turned into effective vermicompost. You may make your worm tube out of PVC pipe, or you can order online. Once you have the tube, you simply need it into the ground al leat 45 cms (18 inches) deep, and that’s it. If possible, cover the top or cover it with something to keep off pests and flies from getting into the tube.

For best results, limit the food scraps to veg items. The best method is to place a small portion of soil and compost in the pipe along with the scraps to initiate the process. The tubes can be painted for a better look. They also act as perch for songbirds that feed on bugs.

Good quality soil is essential for gardening. Vermicomposting happens to be an effective method for transforming organic scraps into a valuable diet for the soil. Large compost piles have indeed been found to be effective; vermicomposting is a practical approach for those who have limited garden space and aspire for rich humus. Do check out the vermicompost price online for a better idea.

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