There was a time when the entire cryptocurrency industry had only a handful of cryptocurrencies that it provided trading services in. Over time, the industry has grown vast and profiting for the investors. This has attracted many cryptocurrency investors, but the crypto-exchanges have strayed from the basics and traditions of cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, majority of the new online trading exchanges are providing below-standard services to the investors. However, EcoMarkets provides users with services they expect from a cryptocurrency exchange with high standards and regard for the investors. So I will share more details in my EcoMarkets review about the exchange for your learning.

Cryptocurrency Assets Offered by EcoMarkets

EcoMarkets provides all investors with access to several cryptocurrency assets alongside the major cryptocurrencies. The best thing about EcoMarkets is while it provides investors the ability to trade crypto vs crypto, it also providers investors to do way more than that. EcoMarkets lets investors perform Crypto vs USDT, Stocks vs USDT/BTC, Indices vs USDT/BTC, and Commodities vs USDT/BTC. It is completely up to the investors to choose the asset of their choice and then perform trades accordingly.

Trading Platform Offered by EcoMarkets

The trading platform offered by EcoMarkets is phenomenal and offers that same amount of services as any other prominent platform. The trading platform offered by EcoMarkets is user-friendly and is equipped with top of the line trading features and tools. The trading platform grants investors with tremendous number of trading assets as well as trading markets. The platform provides investors with reporting system, trading charts, trading graphs  , live news, trading alerts, trading signals, and personalized/customized interface. The trading platform offered by EcoMarkets is web-based and allows users to perform trades from anywhere and any place they want.

Trading Account(s) Offered by EcoMarkets

EcoMarkets does not provide investors with a list of trading accounts, as it only ends up confusing them. The main purpose of offering so many trading accounts to the users is to lure them into making more and more investments. Such exchanges only aim to get money out of the investors with no intentions of helping the investors learn insights and tactics of trading. EcoMarkets offers you a single trading account that you can use to perform trades in any asset. Surprisingly, the minimum deposit requirement at EcoMarkets is $5 and you can start trading right after depositing the money.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options Offered by EcoMarkets

If you plan on making a deposit at EcoMarkets, then you can do it via Visa Card, Master Card, and Bitcoin Wallet. The minimum deposit requirement at EcoMarkets is $5 for any kinds of trades. As for Withdrawals, the minimum withdrawal requirement at EcoMarkets is $20, and you can choose the same methods used for making deposits.

Security Offered by EcoMarkets

The transaction security offered by EcoMarkets is state of the art and industry level and is known as SSL Security Protocol. The security infrastructure transmits each transaction through peer-to-peer (P2P) channels. Furthermore, the transactions are encryption protected so no one can get their hands on the flowing data. Even if they gain access to it, they cannot get past the encryptions added by the SSL Security System.

Compliance with Regulatory Policies

One major factor that validates the authenticity of EcoMarkets is that it adheres to the regulatory policies such as KYC and AML. These regulatory policies define how much the regulatory authorities trust in a cryptocurrency exchange where it operates. Under the KYC guidelines, EcoMarkets updates investors’ personal identification information (PII) at the time of signup and continues doing so whenever the investors request a withdrawal. As per the AML guidelines, it monitors each transaction crossing a certain transaction amount benchmark. The exchange then reports such cases over to regulatory authorities for further investigations.

Customer Support Offered by EcoMarkets

At EcoMarkets, investors are provided with customer support that is available 24/7. The support team can be reached out via phone or email. It is one of the most professional, ethical, empathetic, experienced, and user-friendly support that one can ask for. The investors can always contact the customer support offered by EcoMarkets and discuss their queries and concerns.

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