If you have decided to try out online trading, chances are that you are now on your hunt of finding the right broker. I know that this is a particularly challenging step, especially because you don’t know which direction you should choose. Well, if you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, then you have lucked out. In this article, I will be talking about a really great crypto broker that I would strongly recommend new traders to try.

I will be talking about Neuer Capital and how this broker benefits those who are interested in crypto trading. So, carry on reading this Neuer Capital Review and find out what feature and services this crypto broker has to offer.

Neuer Capital Features & Services That Traders Should Know

  • Bring-A-Friend Program

Let me start off by talking about their Bring-A-Friend Program. This program is a great way of earning an income via the broker even if you are not actively trading. All that you need to do is recommend a user Neuer Capital and earn a commission from their every sale. This is a great way to earn some income if you are not interested in trading online. You should carefully read the terms and conditions for this program before you decide to sign-up with it.

  • Assets

Neuer Capital is a crypto broker that focuses on the variety of cryptocurrencies that have been introduced to the market. You will find that this broker supports a large variety of cryptocurrencies which makes it ideal for anyone who is interested in crypto trading. When a brokerage firm supports a large variety of an asset, it means that you will never run out of open positions for investments. Furthermore, it allows you the chance to experience and benefit from other forms of cryptocurrencies.

  • Leverage

I was surprised to find that a crypto broker offers leveraged trading. Leverage is the amount the trading firm contributes to the cost of investment. This helps you to invest in bigger assets that you cannot currently invest in due to a limited budget. So, Neuer Capital offers leverage of 1:100 which means that for every $1 that you invest, it will invest $100. You need to understand that trading cryptocurrencies with leverage are extremely risky so you should not be over-ambitious with your investments and make sure to pace yourself.

  • Security

A secure environment should be the toppriority of any online brokerage firm. To provide that Neuer Capital has implanted latest software to upgrade their security. It also sues the SSL encryption software which encrypts your data beyond comprehension. So, even if a hacker is able to get into the database, your information will not be valuable. Furthermore, this broker is completely regulated so you can trade with a peaceful mind in a safe environment.

  • Web Trader

The Neuer Capital trading platform was designed using advanced technology to provide essential tools and services to the users. Extra care was taken into the design to ensure that the platform will be able to stay up-to-date with the highly volatile crypto market. The trading platform is in the shape of a web trader which makes it very easy to use and accessible. The beauty of web traders is that you can access them from any device and they are very easy to use and navigate.

Final Thoughts

This brokerage firm offers many other features that you will be impressed with. I am sure that after reading this Neuer Capital Review, you will be curious about what other features and services this trading firm has to offer. You can find everything on their website.

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