Best technique for making vegetables

Cooking techniques for healthy food

Many cooking methods destroy a large number of vitamins and minerals. In this way there is a deficiency of nutritious elements in our food, as a result there may be a lack of vitamins and mineral reserves in the body. The problem is further exacerbated for people with digestive problems. Because such people do not have much time to digest food or sometimes even digestion. Vegetables are cooked to develop color, texture and taste to maintain the nutritional value during cooking. Because of the huge varieties, cooking methods vary depending on the desired end result. Vegetables in the production of commercial foods are often cooked in boiling salted water as the Meez n Place step, and are finished by other cooking methods such as sauces, frying or roasting.

Quick cooking

Putting on the burner for longer cooking leads to more wastage of time, minerals and vitamins. Keeping food on heat for a long time destroys a group of water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B. So do not heat food for a long time.

Cooking at low temperatures

Food should always be cooked at low temperatures. Cooking at high temperatures is more likely to destroy vitamins and other nutrients from food.

Cover and cook

While cooking food, try to keep food away from light as it affects vitamins. For this, keep the pot covered while cooking. By doing this cooking time will also be reduced.

Fry not

Frying is a method of cooking food that destroys food’s nutrients. Hot oil leads to carcinogenic and pro-inflammatory substances, which can cause carotenoids to be destroyed as pro-vitamin A.

Cook with less water

Always try cooking with less water. Even to make soup, use less water so that vitamins and other nutrients go into your body instead of getting out.

Steam cook

Steam instead of boiling them to preserve the mineral in the vegetables. It can cook your food at a lower temperature than boiling and frying it in the oven. Steam has less effect on vitamins and minerals than in cooking, boiling and frying.

Grill vegetables

In hot weather, you can also grill vegetables outside a barbecue. Applying vegetables in tongs on top of the fire can make you like a barbecue. Like steaming and roasting, grilling also retains nutrients and flavor.

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