The NISM conducts the NISM (National Institute of Securities Market) certification exams—a public trust established by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in 2006. The SEBI is the regulator of the securities markets in India. Helping individuals to secure a job in the finance industry, NISM certifications are a reputed board.

Overview of NISM test:

With the NISM test, individuals in the realm of security market intermediaries can achieve mandatory certification. For working professionals, too, the test offers Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

The NISM Mock Test enables students to clear the actual NISM test in one attempt. Through mock tests, you can achieve an academic excellence. This helps the students save time and effort in clearing the exams.

Popular mock tests:

Here are some mock tests found in prominent online institutes.

  • Equity and derivative exam
  • Securities Intermediaries Compliance (non-fund) exam
  • Mutual fund distributor levels 1 and 2 exams
  • Security Operations and Risk Management exam
  • Investment Adviser levels 1 and 2 certification exams
  • Currency Derivatives exam
  • Depository Operations Certification exam
  • Research Analyst Certification exam
  • Interest Rate Derivatives Certification exam
  • A common Derivatives Certification exam
  • Mutual Fund Foundation Certification exam
  • Merchant Banking Certification exam
  • Retirement Advisor exam
  • Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents (corp) exam
  • Registrar and Transfer Agents (MF) Certification exam
  • Security Market Foundation exam
  • Community Derivatives Certification

How do the mock test help you?

The students have the liberty to choose one or more of these NISM mock test programs for self-preparation. This way, they can ensure clearing at least one of the examinations in just the first trial.

Below are the benefits of how the NISM mock test can inspire the students.

  • The demo sessions give the list of questions

The demo sessions and NISM Study Material allow the students to see what they are in for, i.e., how detailed the course is, the type of questions covered, and many more. The NISM mock test questions are devoid of repetitions. Only the most repeated and perceivably the most important questions are selected.

  • The demo sessions and mock test help the students decide on the final course

Many students are unsure of their career path. Getting prior exposure to the right career path can help someone make a sound decision. The NISM mock test can help gain prior exposure for students of all the desired career paths.

  • The mock tests helps students experience a pre-examination vibe

Along with getting insightful information, another great feature of the NISM mock test is that it helps the students experience live exams; thus, preparing them for exam-related stress and anxiety.


The NISM mock test is a great way of attaining exposure to the NISM exam. Helping students by preparing them for the D Day, the tests offer a good exposure to the students, further making them ready for the stressful situation.

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