If your hubby is a gamer, chances are good that he’s already told you EXACTLY which game(s) he’s hoping he’s been good enough to get this year. If he hasn’t, walk over to his stack of games, make sure none of these are in there, then buy away. These are almost certainly all the ones he’s hoping to find under the tree.

Here are a couple of hints and tips to help you out when shopping for hubby.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the latest instalment in the long-running Call of Duty series. And if your hubby enjoys online multiplayer games, this could be the one for them. Vanguard takes the series back to World War II. In its single-player campaign. Players “will go throughpowerful battles of World War II as they fight to gain victory over the Eastern and Western Fronts of Europe, the Pacific as well as North Africa.” The campaign is relatively short, clocking in around 4-6 hours. However, if you think that your husband wants something quick to pick up and play this year it’ll likely suit them just fine.

Dead Rising 4

The Dead Rising series has been known mainly for its extensive list of imaginative and innovative weapons which can be found or built to fight off hordes of zombies however nothing warms the heart quite like dressing up as Santa and then shooting into a crowd of the undead with an explosive candy cane crossbow or – alternatively – clubbing a corpse with a baseball bat that is outfitted with barbed wire and Christmas lights. Also, the game’s setting of a zombie-filled mall during Christmas time seems to be a very tongue-in-cheek commentary on the consumerism within the holiday period.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Friendships and familial bonds are at the head of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and having the game take place during the holidays drives that point home even further. As you find yourself swinging through snowy New York, Miles sees himself having to juggle friendships and fighting crime, a staple of the Spider-Man universe. In the same way that Insomniac’s first Spider-Man game was about Peter Parker and his relationship with Mary Jane and Aunt May, the same can be said for this follow-up.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is the newest entry game in the widelypopular and criticallyacclaimed Forza racing series. It’s well-known for its remarkable visuals and exciting gameplay. much the same as live casino online roulette. Forza Horizon 5 a must-buy for any car or racing enthusiast this Christmas.

It showcases the largest open world in the series to date. Examples of environments are cities, volcanoes, jungles, ancient ruins, beaches as well as everything in between. There’s also a new dynamic weather system which adds another layer of complexity to Forza‘s deep driving mechanics.


NBA Jam is an iconic game series which dates back to 1993. Known for having quirky bonus characters on its roster, the “On Fire Edition” has included some Christmas cheer to its line-up with Santa and his elves as playable characters.

If your hubby likes to play a video game that is universally praised for its fun and easy gameplay but he also wants to feel that he’s getting into the spirit of the festive season, then NBA Jam is for him. What better way to show some Christmas spirit than to play as Santa Claus dunking on LeBron?

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