Why video marketing

What is video marketing?

Marketing is defined as a promotional activity that aims to inform the public about your business, its services and products. Most of the time, it is not meant to generate direct sales, but rather allows people to know that you have something they may need.

Social media marketing best illustrates this, stating that Facebook does business of engaging with followers through pages, post shares, comments and likes. It also aims to know what people may think or say about your business, which helps a large-scale business or company improve its service delivery.

Video marketing is one of the newest additions to your promotional toolbox. It is worth considering using video to really promote your business.

Video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools. Here are some reasons why you should use video marketing right now.

1.Video Direct Sales Lead

First things first. Videos can give you some serious money. Adding product videos to your landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

Video can also lead directly to sales. The study shows that 74% of users watched a lecturer-video about a product, later purchasing it. So better start crafting your exciting product video now!

If you think about it, the effectiveness of the video is also not surprising. Ultimately, vision is our most prominent emotion. Most of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. So if already photos can boost engagement in a big way, imagine what moving photos can do for your business.

2.Video time pays

To make you more excited, 83% of businesses say that video provides a good return on investment. Even though video production is not the easiest and cheapest job yet, it pays off big time. In addition, online video editing tools are constantly improving and becoming more affordable. And even your Smartphone can already make very good videos.

3.Video increases confidence

Trust is the basis of conversions and sales. But building trust should be a goal in itself. The entire concept of content marketing is based on trust and building long-term relationships. Stop selling and let people come to you by providing interesting and useful information.

The new era demands a focus on ignition, not just on content, on trust, only on traffic, and on the elite in your audience, who are promoting and advocating your content.

You Tubers has become the most powerful social media figure to promote your brand. So, if you are serious about content marketing, then you should also be serious about video. Promotional videos can also boost trust.

4.Google Likes Videos

Videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors to your site. Thus, prolonged exposure builds trust and signal search engine which is good content in your site. If you embed a video on your website, Moovly gives us the data: you can show 53 times more likely on Google. Since Google now owns YouTube, there has been a significant increase in how much video affects your search engine rank.

Make sure to optimize your videos on YouTube for SEO. Write interesting titles and descriptions. Add a link back to your website, products and services. Give potential customers a way to take the next step. And explore the world of action videos, so that tasks can be encouraged more.

5.Video appeal to mobile users

Video and mobile go by hand. 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobiles. Since the third quarter of 2013, mobile video views have grown by over 233 percent. YouTube reports 100% mobile video consumption per year. As people like to watch videos on the go, and the number of Smartphone users is increasing, your video viewers keep getting bigger and bigger.

6.Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

Are you starting a new product or service? Make a video to show how it works. 98% of users say they have watched a lecturer video to learn more about a product or service. This is why 45% of businesses using video marketing said they have an explainer video on their home page. Of those businesses, 83% stated that their homepage lecturer video was effective.

Trying to explain a difficult concept? Create an animated video. Animation can bring concepts to life that no text or live video can do. Also, boring talking heads are not enough to break through the clutter. Animated videos are a perfect combination of entertainment, melancholy and simplicity. And they work.

7.A smart way to win the attention of lazy buyers

People rarely get time to go through promotional posts for long periods of time, and the story gets worse when marketing to lazy buyers. Furthermore, keeping in mind that modern shoppers always want to see things, promotional videos become the smartest way to win on this category of customers.

8.Video also covers the most beautiful buyers

Video is a great tool for learning, but it is also easy to consume. Today’s life is long spent busy reading product descriptions or digging deeper into services. The modern customer wants to see the product in action. Video preference is one of the most important driving forces of using video in your content marketing.

Video marketing can capture a wide audience, and it works on many levels. Even the laziest. Make sure that you target not only the eyes but also the ears of the potential customer. Your competitive advantage is doubled!

9.Video encourages social shares

In the 8th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Michael Stelzer stated that in 2015 60% of social marketers used video content and 73% of total respondents planned to use it. And they ensured that. Social networks also encourage video content with its new features. Face book has launched 3600 videos, live videos and Life stage (a video-centric app for teens). The 60-second video and Instagram stories posted on Instagram, Periscope on Twitter and YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world.

10.An effective way to advance the competition

The truth is that many businesses have not embraced video marketing. It may be that they are still stuck with a downfall that it is expensive to do so. Well, using this strategy to market your business is not only a big shock to the contestants, but it also helps to show the audience something they don’t know about your message Reading as a blog post.

11.Appeal to Different Demographics

The market segmentation has been around for years, and statistics show that people in some age groups prefer Facebook or Pintrest to Instagram; The video thus becomes a double-edged sword cutting both sides. In short, the videos appeal to everyone.

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