The law profession offers a variety of career options. Those who want to teach can take up LLM Master of Legislative Law course which allows them to specialize and gain expertise in a particular sector. They also have the option of pursuing a PhD in the future.

A career as a Judge or Magistrate is another appealing choice. This involves passing a competitive examination and working for the judicial machinery of the country.


One of the most popular career options for law graduates is to pursue a legal practice. This involves working as a lawyer in a private firm or government agency. This can be an extremely lucrative option as the salary can be very high.

Another option for law graduates is to work in the judiciary. This involves taking the Judicial Services Examination in each state and if chosen, acting as a Civil Judge or a Judicial Magistrate. This is a great choice for those who are interested in helping humanity and advancing the cause of justice. It can also be very rewarding as it comes with a lot of government perks like allowances, government accommodation and official vehicle.

Law graduates can also choose to work in the corporate sector. This involves advising companies on their business operations and dealing with any legal complications. This can be a very challenging and exciting career path, and it offers a good salary as well.

Finally, law graduates can also choose to work with NGOs or other humanitarian organizations. This is a great choice for those with a passion for social activism and can be very rewarding as well. They can also choose to publish their legal expertise in books or journals. This is a great way to share their knowledge with the world and help make the world a better place.

Public Prosecution

Law graduates can also work as Public Prosecutors and help the government in the pursuit of justice for its citizens. These prosecutors represent the state or central governments against suspected individuals in all courts of law, right from the district court to the Supreme Court. It is a high-profile job that offers great prestige and is a very fulfilling career option.

One can also join the judicial services by appearing for the Judicial Services Examination conducted by each state government. This is a very rewarding job where you can start as a magistrate and eventually reach the level of a judge or even the supreme court. This is the highest honour in the legal profession and a very respectable position to be in as it offers a lot of power and perks.

Those who are not very comfortable working in the courts can take up jobs as legal advisors or in corporate companies where they can help with the paperwork and contracts. This is a very well-paid job and is a good choice for people who are not interested in the more aggressive, confrontational aspects of litigation.

Every major corporation has a legal department and it is common for them to hire lawyers for their advice and to aid in legal disputes. Besides, there are many small and medium scale private companies that also hire these professionals for their assistance.

Legal Advisor

Legal advisors work for large private companies as they help in making corporate law decisions. Aspirants should be analytical and organised to succeed in this career path. They also have to work well with a wide range of people, including their fellow colleagues. In some cases, they also assist attorneys with legal matters.

Another option for law graduates is to appear for the judicial services exam conducted by the state government and act as a judge in the supreme court or high courts of India. The job of a judge is highly respected and the salary is very good. This career path also offers various other allowances and perks.

If a candidate wishes to take up higher studies, they can pursue an LLM from any national or foreign university after completing their undergraduate degree. In order to apply for an LLM, they will need to clear the LSAT exam which is a standardised test that evaluates students on three parameters of Logical Reasoning, Analytical Writing and Reading Comprehension. The LLM is a postgraduate degree that helps candidates advance their careers and expands their knowledge of the field. It is a great career path for law graduates as it allows them to work with several different clients. This will improve their communication skills and allow them to develop a strong network of professional contacts.

Judge or Magistrate

If you are not interested in becoming a lawyer, a career as a judge or magistrate is another option. These positions are responsible for presiding over court proceedings, listening to arguments and giving their verdict on the case. This is a government job and the salary is very attractive. It is important to note that the selection process for this role is rigorous and requires a thorough interview by a panel of judges and non-lawyers.

In addition to working in the legal field, a law graduate can also work as a writer or for media companies. These jobs allow graduates to share their knowledge with the public and help educate them on various topics. These positions can be very interesting and rewarding for those who are passionate about their careers.

Although LLB was traditionally seen as a profession for those whose families have been lawyers, it has become a popular career choice for people who are not related to the law profession. This is because of the numerous opportunities and perks it provides. As such, we believe that it is a great choice for anyone who wants to be a part of the legal world and make a difference. If you’re thinking about pursuing an LLB degree, contact us at Leverage Edu for more information! We’ll be happy to help you navigate the admission process and find the best law school for you.

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