As much because the increase in sugar is dangerous in diabetic patients, it’s equally dangerous to lower the sugar level. A sudden decrease in glucose level is named hypoglycemia. during this case, the patient’s sugar reduces to such A level that he may even faint now and then.. Many people do not know how to manage low blood sugar.

Excessive consumption of diabetes medicines is that the most vital reason for low glucose. This risk is further increased after you either eat little or no or don’t vex time. Being physically active is a straightforward thanks to control diabetes. But if you’re taking insulin to manage diabetes, the danger of low blood glucose may increase during and after exercise. Even at bedtime you’ll reduce glucose. over and over people don’t even are aware of it. This happens more in people that take insulin.

Sugar acts because the main fuel for our body and our brain is totally keen about it. When your glucose level is low, it also affects the power of the brain to figure. the interior functioning of the body to handle hypoglycemia reduces the secretion of insulin and increases the secretion of glucagon.
Symptoms of very high blood glucose level, ie hypoglycemia are as follows:

  • Dizziness
  • Darkness ahead of the eyes
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • To sweat
  • Weakness
  • shiver within the body

Some people also feel tingling or tingling within the body. If the blood glucose level decreases, if it’s not corrected immediately, true can become serious. allow us to tell you what you must do if the blood glucose level suddenly decreases.

Consume these items immediately

What do you have to do if this happens? If there’s a gentle case of ‘low blood sugar’ then any sweet cheese should be eaten immediately.

To maintain glucose immediately, you ought to immediately consume a minimum of 15 grams of carbohydrates. For this you’ll be able to eat / drink any of those things.

  • Drink half a cup of fruit juice
  • Eat 1 teaspoon honey
  • Eat 4-5 salt crackers.
  • Eat 3-4 glucose tablets or eat sweet candy.
  • Drink 2 tablespoons of sugar and water solution.
  • Eat Cookies.
  • Eat fresh fruits or dry fruits.
  • 2 teaspoons raisins
  • 1 cup milk

What to try to to to scale back blood sugar?

Your blood glucose level should be maintained and you are doing not have the matter of hypoglycemia again and again, so you must keep some things in mind.

  • Eat 3 times daily and check out to eat daily at the identical time.
  • Take light snacks 1 time between morning breakfast and lunch, then 1 time between lunch and dinner to take care of glucose level maintenance.
  • don’t stay hungry or eat or drink for over 4-5 hours. Do eat something in between this point.
  • Exercise a minimum of half-hour to 1 hour daily. If you’re not in a very state of exercise or have any problem, then whether or not you simply walk, but be physically active.
  • Keep checking your glucose level regularly.
  • After quarter-hour, check your blood glucose level again. If the blood glucose level continues to be decreasing, then eat some sweet cheese again. Always keep glucose tablets or candy with you.
    Consult your doctor a minimum of once a month, inform you of your condition and explain your problems.
  • If you drink alcohol, confine mind that it’s consumed in limited quantities, otherwise the matter is serious.
  • it’s better to wear a bracelet in your hand which will tell that you simply are a diabetic. If things worsens when the blood glucose level decreases, then the people around you’ll be able to facilitate your.
  • By checking blood glucose continuously, you’ll be able to avoid hypoglycemia during or after exercise. aside from this, eating the correct dose and supplements before insulin prevents the chance of hypoglycemia. Contact your doctor for the correct dosage of medicines. these items should be kept in mind while exercising people with diabetes.
  • Whenever your blood glucose level is low, it should be treated immediately. By doing this, you recover quickly and it helps to stop the glucose level from falling further down. Immediate treatment reduces the danger of developing hypoglycemia.
  • If your blood glucose level is a smaller amount than 70 mg / dL and you’re conscious, then consuming 15-20 grams of glucose is that the right treatment. you’ll consume carbohydrates in any form, it should contain glucose (such as candy, sweets or fruit juice). Always carry a number of this stuff in your bag.
  • When your sugar level returns to normal, you ought to eat breakfast or many food to stop hypoglycemia from recurring.
  • If the glucose level falls too low, there are also problems like seizures or fainting. In such a situation you are doing not eat sugar by yourself

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